Release History

New in 1.0.3

  • Q2Pix.bundle:
    • Relaxed the header check of PDF BLOBs in order to support certain documents.
    • Signed and notarized according to Apple’s latest requirements.
  • QLM 1.4.1:
    • Improved support for project-based databases.

New in 1.0.2

Bug fixes:

  • Q2Pix.bundle:
    • PDF BLOBs containing garbage in front of the file header would fail to open.
    • Bogus error dialogs with some Epson TWAIN drivers.
    • Crash when re-assigning the current document to a plug-in area.
    • Compatibility with the 4Dv19 beta (Windows).
    • Notarization issues (macOS).
  • 0QLM.bundle:
    • Notarization issues (macOS).
  • Q2ImgControl.4dbase
    • Saving to PDF file without specifying the .pdf extension in the file dialog would fail.
  • Q2PixDemo4D17.4DB
    • Document reference leak in project method ImgControl_Viewer__Handler.


  • Support for v18+ project mode.

Note: the QLMProjectMode.4dbase component must be installed when running in project mode

New in 1.0.1

Bug fixes:

  • Printing of page ranges in multi-frame documents.
  • Minor documentation corrections.


  • Plug-ins signed and notarized.
  • Updated internal libraries to the latest versions (PDFium, jpeg, tiff, etc).
  • RasterFrame_PushFilter: made the filterParams parameter optional.

New in 1.0

Bug fixes:

  • Bogus multi-frame warning in ImgDlog_SavingOptions when PDF is selected as the destination format.

Plug-in Enhancements:

  • Implemented rendering of XFA forms in PDF documents.
  • Improved display quality of monochrome images (Windows).
  • Improved compatibility with TWAIN sources when running in a Citrix environment (Windows).
  • Improved compatibility with legacy TWAIN 1.x sources (Windows).
  • Image acquisition logging disabled by default; enabled by the presence of the logging folder.

New in Beta 5

Bug fixes:
  • PDF:
    • Conversion of indexed color images to PDF (macOS).
    • Creation of PDF from images with pre-multiplied alpha (macOS).
    • After saving a PDF document the source file would be locked until quitting 4D (Windows).
  • Acquisition:
    • Compatibility issues with TIFF generation in TWAIN acquisition.
    • Handling of drop down menus in TWAIN sources (Windows).
    • Resolution negotiation with the Brother 720D TWAIN driver.
    • Potential crash during pixel kind negotiation with the Brother 720D TWAIN driver.
    • Potential crash in the acquisition helper app (macOS).
    • Under some circumstances an error condition triggered by the TWAIN driver would not propagate back to the plug-in and 4D.
  • The plug-in area would block form updates when placed on a form page > 1 (Windows).
  • Minor memory leak in reading raster frame properties (Windows).
  • Q2ImgControl: setup of image controls on a form page other than 0 or 1.
Plug-in Enhancements:
  • Support for HEIF images (.heic file extension) (macOS).
  • Rendering of PDF anottations and form fields.
  • Performance improvement in opening multiframe TIFFs.
  • New options for ImgDoc_SaveInFile and ImgDoc_SaveInBLOB:
    • ApplyOrientation: apply the orientation tag to the pixels.
    • ProgressCallback: multiframe progress callback method.
  • Improved handling of pre-2.x and post 2.x TWAIN sources (Windows).
  • Check if the TWAIN driver supports the respective capabilities before negotiating the functional unit, duplex operation, pixel format, and resolution.
Q2PixLib enhancements:
Q2PixDemo enhancements:
  • New form for creating multi-frame PDFs and TIFFs from individual image documents.
  • The viewer form automatically displays the thumbnail sidebar in the ImgControl when a multi-frame image document is opened.
QLM enhancements:
  • It is now possible to control the opening of the QLM launcher palette with a configuration file. See the licensing notes for more information.

New in Beta 4

Bug fixes:
  • TWAIN acquisition from Brother 720D scanner (Windows).
  • The plugin area no longer indicates that it accepts file drops on macOS/64 bits.
PDF composition and editing:
  • ImgDoc_CreateNew can create new PDF documents.
  • ImgDoc_InsertFrame can insert raster frames or PDF pages to PDF documents.
  • ImgDoc_RemoveFrame can remove pages from PDF documents.
  • ImgDoc_Save can:
    • Save edited PDF documents.
    • Save PDF documents as raster images.
    • Save raster images as PDF documents.

For code examples, see the chapter on multiframe documents in the Programming Guide.

Q2ImgControl enhancements:
Plugin enhancements:
  • Contrast filter on Windows. Requires Windows 10 or later.
  • New plug-in area properties control the image alignment when the image size is larger than the display area on either axis. See the Working with Plugin Area section in the Programming Guide for an example on how to set these.
  • Switched the area zoom factor to fixed point math internally (vs. floating point), which results to accurate zoom values when repeatedly zooming in and out.
Image acquisition enhancements
  • Digital camera acquisition re-written to provide a better user interface and linear operation (macOS).
  • New digital camera acquisition options for hiding the user interface, multiple image acquisition, and for deleteng the images from the device after successful acquisition.
  • New TWAIN options for selecting the scanner’s functional unit (flatbed, document feeder, transparency unit), and for controlling duplex scanning, the pixel type, and scanning resolution.
  • Normalized error handling:
    • Errors triggered by Q2Pix itself are in the “Q2Pix” error domain. When the user cancels the operation, error kQ2PixErrIntr is returned.
    • Error codes from TWAIN and system frameworks are in their respective domains: TWAIN, WIA, DShow.

New in Beta 3

Bug fixes:
  • Unresponsive windows opened over plug-in areas (Windows).
  • Document leak in ImgCmd_Crop.
  • Acquisition helper app loosing its executable bit on 4D Workstation/Client (macOS).
  • Image Control: initialization of controls on pages > 1.
  • Image Control: Misplaced popup menu.
  • Crash in ImgDoc_CreateWithBLOB with PDF data (Windows).
  • Crash when saving with embedded thumbnails enabled (Windows).
  • Crash when opening specific images on macOS El Capitan 10.12.
  • Failure in filtering indexed color frames (macOS).
  • Failure in assigning XMP metadata to image frames.
  • Failure in openings BMP images (Windows).
  • Failure in loading certain images due to bitmap format incompatibility in Direct2D (Windows).
  • Excessive plug-in area updates (Windows).
  • Unicode escape sequences in ErrInfo.
  • Mixed slashes/backslashes in pathnames to acquired images (Windows).
  • Malformed file names returned from digital camera acquisition (Windows).
  • Documentation errors.

Code breaking changes:

For consistency with the rest of the API the ImgArea_ApplyEffect and ImgDlog_SelectEffect methods now return a Longint instead of a Boolean (1 = success, 0 = failure).

General enhancements:
  • Acquisition from video sources.
  • Printing.
  • Raster image resizing.
  • Copying to the pasteboard.
Q2PixLib additions:
Q2ImgControl enhancements:
  • Image saving via the File -> Save and Save as… menu items, and the toolbar.
  • Printing via the File -> Print… menu item, and the toolbar.
  • Edit menu:
    • Copy image or marquee selection to the pasteboard.
    • Select all with marquee (activates marquee tool).
  • Raster frame size adjustment via the Image -> Adjust size… menu item and the toolbar.
Plugin enhancements:
  • Scale filter.
  • Acquisition from video sources supported by AVFoundation (macOS) and DirectShow (Windows).
  • Progress dialog when transferring images from WIA cameras (Windows).
  • Proportional scrollbars (Windows).
  • Acquisition helper tool and app signed and sanitized (macOS).
  • Updated the bundled TWAIN DSM to version 2.4.2 (Windows).

New in Beta 2

Plug-in fixes:

  • Plug-in area crash under v17 on macOS.
  • Wrong path names of acquired images on Windows.
  • Minor memory leaks.

New features:

  • In auto-zoom mode the plug-in area can now stretch/enlarge the image.
  • Scrollbars auto-hide as appropriate. This behavior and individual scrollbar visibility can be controlled via the area properties.
  • Added the following effect filters:
    • Brightness
    • Contrast (macOS only)
    • GaussianBlur
    • Invert

In the components:

  • ImgDlog_GetEffect presents an effect dialog with a preview and returns the selected filter name and parameters.
  • ImgArea_ApplyEffect presents an effect dialog and applies the selected filter to image in the area (live preview).
  • The Image Control widget supports the effect dialog via the ImgCmd_Effect handler method. The default widget configuration includes this option under the Image menu.
  • Minor fixes.

Added to the docs: