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EMV News

EMV 5.1.4 released

[25 Jan 19] EMV 5.1.4 fixes more bugw

Maintenance release that fixes bugs under macOS Sierra and High Sierra (10.12 and 10.13). Recommended for all EMV for macOS users.


EMV 5.1.3 released

[09 Jan 19] EMV 5.1.3 fixes bug

Maintenance release that fixes a crashing bug reported by users.


EMV 5.1.2 released

[21 Nov 18] EMV 5.1.1 fixes Mojave hanging bug

Maintenance release fixing a bug related with macOS 10.14 (Mojave).


EMV 5.1.1 released

[02 Nov 18] EMV 5.1.1 fixes Mojave issues

Maintenance release fixing issues, including three crashing bugs, related with macOS 10.14 (Mojave).


EMV 5.1 released

[10 Sep 18] EMV 5.1 adds useful new features

New features include: rotate and pinch-to-zoom gestures for image editing; HEVC, the latest movie codec that produces 40% smaller movies compared to H.264; support for dragging the current frame to other applications, as well as for copying the current frame or DICOM Data to the Clipboard.

The release also contains minor bug fixes and improvements.


New home for EMV

[15 June 18] EMV now belongs to Escape Tech Ltd

The company has undertaken the development, support and sales of both the Mac and Windows versions of the EMV DICOM viewer.