Beta 2 NewsΒΆ

Plug-in fixes:

  • Plug-in area crash under v17 on macOS.
  • Wrong path names of acquired images on Windows.
  • Minor memory leaks.

New features:

  • In auto-zoom mode the plug-in area can now stretch/enlarge the image.
  • Scrollbars auto-hide as appropriate. This behavior and individual scrollbar visibility can be controlled via the area properties.
  • Added the following effect filters:
    • Brightness
    • Contrast (macOS only)
    • GaussianBlur
    • Invert

In the components:

  • ImgDlog_GetEffect presents an effect dialog with a preview and returns the selected filter name and parameters.
  • ImgArea_ApplyEffect presents an effect dialog and applies the selected filter to image in the area (live preview).
  • The Image Control widget supports the effect dialog via the ImgCmd_Effect handler method. The default widget configuration includes this option under the Image menu.
  • Minor fixes.

Added to the docs: