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Plug-in News

Q2Pix 1.0b3 for 4D v15-17 released

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[10 Dec 2018] Third public beta of Q2Pix, the modern successor to QPix.

The new beta adds lots of new stuff and fixes all kinds of issues in the plug-in and the components. All relevant information can be found in the ReadMe file and revised documentation accompanying the plug-in.

Many thanks to our dedicated beta testers!


64-bit QDrop beta released

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[26 June 2018] QDrop 1.8b2 released.

QDrop 1.8b2 adds compatibility with 4D v15 through v17b, 32/64-bit architectures, and gets rid of all remaining traces of QuickTime on the way to a robust 64-bit arsenal.

Get QDrop 1.8b2