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EMV News

EMV 5.2 released

[02 Jul 19] EMV 5.2 feature release

Added Automatic Split functionality for multiphase MR and CT Series, new options in Export Profiles to facilitate sharing, as well as a developer option for facelessly calling EMV from the command line. Last version to support macOS El Capitan (10.11) and Sierra (10.12). Next version will require at least macOS High Sierra (10.13).


EMV 5.1.5 released

[19 Feb 19] EMV 5.1.5 maintenance release

Fixes misbehaviors and increases EMV's stability under specific circumstances. Recommended for macOS El Capitan up to Mojave.


EMV 5.1.4 released

[25 Jan 19] EMV 5.1.4 fixes more bugs

Maintenance release that fixes bugs under macOS Sierra and High Sierra (10.12 and 10.13). Recommended for all EMV for macOS users.


EMV 5.1.3 released

[09 Jan 19] EMV 5.1.3 fixes bug

Maintenance release that fixes a crashing bug reported by users.