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Plug-in News

Q2Pix 1.0.1 Maintenance Release

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[01 June 2020] The first maintenance relase of Q2Pix, the modern successor to QPix.

This release fixes the very few bugs that were discovered since the first release, mainly in printing page ranges and sporadically in the docs. On the occasion of this release, all internal libraries (Pdfium, JPEG/TIFF libs, etc) were updated to their latest versions and the plug-ins were signed and notarized per Apple's demand.

Many thanks to our dedicated partners for their precious assistance!


64-bit QDrop 1.8 Final release

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[28 August 2019] QDrop 1.8 released.

QDrop 1.8 adds support for 4D v16-17, 32/64-bit architectures.


64-bit QGrid 1.8 Final release

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[28 August 2019] QGrid 1.8 released.

QGrid 1.8 adds support for 4D v16-17, 32/64-bit architectures and completely removes the last remaining memories of QuickTime.